34A Main Street, Chatham, NY
Thursday – Saturday 11 – 6, Sunday 11 – 3, and by appointment

Ellen Lynch’s newest exhibition, COMMON GROUND, pairs separate photographs of humans and horses as an invitation to seek connection between seemingly disparate subjects: the wildness of a stallion racing down a Cornish beach meeting the passion of human conviction during a political rally; the unilateral play of the wind making no distinction between mane or hair; or perhaps a quiet understanding between elders. Her large-scale compositions provide a heightened sense of realism, savoring fractions of seconds with wonder and reverence.

Horses have always ignited her imagination. Lynch is fascinated by their duality—their wild spirit and power coupled with their gentle, grass-eating ways. They are mythical beings yet grounded firmly on the earth. They have been easy partners and subjects in her work due of her deeply felt connection with them.

Images of people proved a greater challenge, until this past year, when political rallies gathered individuals of varying, age, race, and economic backgrounds, in support of a common good. “At the first women’s march in New York City, I experienced thousands of people who perhaps had never crossed the same streets, now chanting in one voice, their shared passion beautifully apparent.” In a deep sense, Lynch found her herd, and her way in, photographically. “Finding connection at this divisive time in the world, embracing duality and celebrating our differences, allowing them to grow toward a higher purpose, feels so important to me. We are all connected, and don’t need to be the same to find common ground.”

Ellen finds inspiration nearly everywhere, whether at her ranch in Southeast Idaho near the Teton Mountains, or her home in Columbia County overlooking the Hudson River, or on her many travels. “The Earth is a beautiful place, and especially at this time of change, it feels important to record it and honor it.”

After her well-received show in Chatham last October, she is thrilled to be returning for another solo exhibition on the town’s Main Street.

Ellen Lynch, Common Ground, an exhibition of photographs
34A Main Street, Chatham NY 12037.   208.390.9088 . 
Gallery hours: Thursday – Saturday, 11 – 6 and Sunday, 11  – 3.

To Learn from Animal Being

To Learn from Animal Being

Nearer to the earth’s heart
Deeper within its silence:
Animals know this world
In a way we never will.

We who are ever distanced and distracted
By the parade of bright
Windows thought opens:
Their seamless presence
Is not fractured thus.

Stranded between time
Gone and time emerging,
We manage seldom
To be where we are:
Whereas they are always
Looking out from
The here and now.

May we learn to return
And rest in the beauty
Of animal being,
Learn to lean low,
Leave our locked minds,
And with freed senses
Feel the earth
Breathing with us.

May we enter
Into the lightness of spirit,
And slip frequently into
The feel of the wild.

Let the clear silence
Of our animal being
Cleanse our hearts
Of corrosive words.

May we learn to walk
Upon the earth
With all their confidence
And clear eyed stillness
So that our minds
Might be baptized
In the name of the wind
And the light and the rain.

- John O’Donohue

In offering images...

In offering images, I share my veneration for our home and that place in myself that is of the Earth. I offer a reminder to look up, to look down and to look within. A reminder that we are all of the Earth. And as the Earth is, we are.