The Earth took me in, held me and taught me the wonder of my senses: to see beyond clouds to fantastic beings, to hear the weather in the wind, to smell the stories of trees, animals, streams, and to feel the soft mosses, waxy leaves and sun-warmed stones below the skin, to feel them with my soul. 

I learned to tell time and to find my way by the sun and stars. I learned when and where to look for morels, scapes and other things to eat. I learned to sit in quiet so the animals came into view. Horses and elk who teach awareness, bison who embody courage, bears and mountain lions providing a sense of humility and respect, coyotes ever-curious, and all of them, well-versed teachers in the serenity of being. 

I learned how special things can be seen or can happen at any moment, taking my breath away. Things, moments and light that will never exist in exactly the same way again. And because of that, I learned to preserve and savor those moments in photographs. 

Horses have always ignited my imagination. I’m fascinated by their duality—their power coupled with their willingness to carry us. They are mythical beings yet grounded deeply on the Earth. I am at once in awe of them and happiest when partnered with one or accepted as part of their herd.

In offering my images, I’m sharing my veneration for our home. I’m sharing that place in myself that is of the Earth. I’m sharing a reminder to look up, to look down and to look within, a reminder that we are all of the Earth. As the Earth is, we are.